American Red Cross Dispatch - Twin Cities Chapter

American Red Cross Dispatch - Twin Cities Chapter  - student project

American Red Cross Dispatch - Twin Cities Chapter  - image 1 - student project

This app design will be intended specifically for the American Red Cross (Twin Cities Chapter) dispatch team.  It will provide another means (hopefully more efficient) to contacting and deploying volunteer responders to an emergency scene.

Features will include:

1. call-down list of volunteer responders by service area.  Lists would provide volunteer contact information (buttons to call each volunteer and a button to send a mass text to volunteers assigned to a particular service area)

2. google or bing maps search to pinpoint the address of an emergency scene (and possibly integrating a map that pinpoints the home addresses of all volunteers to help determine which volunteers live closest to the scene)

3. local resource lists: lodging, taxi services, language translation services, etc. 

Initial Questions:

This app would involve a database of ever-changing contact information.  Is it possible to sync the data with an existing Excel spreadsheet or Access database?  Or what kind of database is recommended for integration with an iPhone app?