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Jem Pomak

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American Psycho - WARNING ADULT THEMES!!

Working up a second E

I thought the E needed to be more sophisticated, so I have worked up a second version that I am much happier with.

I've also mocked up the book cover. I thought (if money was no object!) the E would be subtly embossed in a beautifully thick paper stock. The lines within the body of the E would be a gold foil blocked; decadent and excessive, which would fit in with Patrick's ideals.

Starting to work up the final E

Any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks!

Working my basic letterform up. Geometric!

The 'E' is a perfect square and all the angles are 45°. Took a while to work it all out, but it's looking 'correct'.

My sketches:

Concept 1

Based on currency as so much of Patrick Bateman's life is defined by his wealth

Concept 2

The decay and distruction of the American dream. 

Concept 3

Currency with a decaying flesh inners

Concept 4

The E starts off crisp, but decays to a rotting, fleshy, bloody base. 

Concept 5

Based on the axe he used to kill Paul Owen, which was a main trigger in his slip further into insanity 

I have made a start on my brainstorming, lots of subjects. There are quite a lot of 'adult themes' and language in there. I've been working on the train to London in my regular sketchbook and I'm pretty sure a client saw this page during a briefing today, hopefully they didn't see 'boobs', 'sex', '3-way', 'murders', 'face-fucking' or 'cocaine'  - whoops.

There's something about this book that I love. It's a bit of a weird book to be my favourite, as there is so much graphic material in there, but there is just so much to love about it. I think the Patrick Bateman character is fascinating, as well as his lifestyle and commentry on American (particularly upper class Manhatten) culture and society, as well as being set in the1980s is just perfect for me. 

I think I have a lot to work with, murder, death, fashion, culture, music, insanity, emotional breakdowns, relationships, anonymity in a crowd, conformity, the list goes on. If you haven't read it, do!!


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