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American Gods - Neil Gaiman

So I decided to use this Skillshare as an incentive to work on a cover I had been throwing around in my brain for a bit.

I had already decided on the imagery I wanted to use prior to the video but loved the idea of a thumbnail process and wanted to see what that would look like (trying as best I could to avoid hovering around my initial idea too much):

These were what I came up with. I really enjoyed the process and I think found some good ground and arguments for a variety of different covers that I would love to do. I found that I kept moving towards a piece with Shadow's (the main character) wife as imagery but also felt that it gave a lot of power to her character, which is in the piece, but she sits just below the surface in a lot of the story and I didn't want to point to her in the cover and say "THIS CHARACTER IS IMPORTANT." I think it's clear that she is throughout the book and I think using her is just stating a sort of obvious point without being very engaging.

So I did end up going to my initial thought, in the end, which was the use of an illustration that looks to be pulled directly from a coin tricks magic book. I loved the imagery this could conjure and with coins being such an integral part to Shadow's character and some plot points within the book, I think the inherent mystery of magic tricks, gives an interesting visual to build on.

I started with this

(sorry the quality is a bit wonky)

A version I really loved but after thinking and asking some friends, found that it could still be tweaked, which led me to a final (as of now) version in this:

It's a lot of same-ness but I did a bit of technical clean-up and fiddled with the fonts a little bit. I like it overall and I think it hits some really good points while being pretty interesting.

Hope you like it! Would love to hear feedback, I wouldn't mind doing another version with some good suggestions going forward

This is going to be my last update on this based on feedback! I've changed the text spacing with the hands and changed the fonts to be identical. Hope this is an improvement!

Okay one more : 


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