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Yali Chen




American Economic Article

Hello there, 

Since I am a big fan of flowers so I figure maybe this time I should walk out my comfort zone and chose this rather difficult one the start with.

There are 4 initial sketches, and the visual cue I was focusing about are: US, house building, growth and fuel.



I really love the idea of putting some elements that we as the illustrator enjoy drawing so we get to have a bit more fun, therefore I added up a bit of tinny mountains or little stars in each sketches.

I like the idea of first two, and I decided to go for the first idea. Even I am not quit sure if this one can tell the idea correctly...

This is the refine outline.


I used water soluable pencil, colour pencil first and then digital edit them.

And here is the final work! 



It was an amazing practice, thank you Ed for sharing your amazing tips with us! I am gonna practice more with your advice! Thank you very much!


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