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American Downtown

American Downtown was started from an enjoyment of traveling and visiting towns, downtowns, main streets, etc... of all sizes.  From large cities.

to small towns.

We began looking around the web for a portal, directory, something where we could find information about downtowns of all sizes in America.  And better yet, links to their websites.

After finding only individual websites for various downtowns we realized the chances of someone randomly searching online and finding one of these little websites was remote at best.

We then turned to Twitter for a focus group of sorts.  We started by searching on "downtown" then "main street".  Wow, there were page after page of results.  All tweeting great little things about there town.  But again, no easy way for someone to find them.

From that  was born.

We've just launched our site but are gaining views quickly and followers too.

More to come.

Comments welcome.

UPDATED April 3, 2014

I'm happy to report that American Downtown now has a contributor who will be adding blog content to the site as well as doing FREE profile work for Downtown Association content.  Here's a link to his own site:

Also, here's a link to the post that we published announcing the relationship.

UPDATED April 4, 2014

Watch this video I just found on Twitter.  This is why I'm doing this project.  This in inspiring!

UPDATED April 6, 2014

Reading Seth's blog yesterday I found this post.

After reading the part that says:

"Are you working to help your clients, patrons, customers and colleagues find what they already know what they want?  Or teaching and encouraging them to find something they didn't know they needed?  Seems like a huge oportunitity."

I realized, I had found a huge opportunity with this project!

So, I made some changes to the site which more reflect this idea.

As always, all comments, suggestions, and questions welcome.


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