American Birding Association - Birders Guide to Gear...Propping It All Up


  • Set up document....measured 8 1/8 x 10 7/8 inches
  • Scanned photos at 300 dpi and cropped, ~1.5 MB files
  • Placed images into InDesign
  • Had difficulties in "expanding" the images to "bleed" the page size (note bottom right photo).
  • Successful in lining up the 2 images


Next up Text and Text Boxes

  • Discovered this is tricky :-) matching up, formatting, spacing and coloring text that is
  • Was successful in using "Fat Frank" typekit font, haven't got the color right just yet :-)
  • Guessed at two other fonts using InDesign fonts
  • Stopping for night...learned some actions though they can't really be measured yet,sooooooooo small in scale:-) Be back tomorrow
  • 2bfbb51f


Final Recreate Notes:

  • Text and text boxes went quick thanks to a note from Anne (i.e. white filled text box how-to)
  • Final work is still rough, but used the tools which is the most important part.
  • Actually smiled at the finish line...championship form :-)
  • On to bigger/badder challenges


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