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Ambition | Wale

Whats up everyone? My name is Kaiser Cunningham and I am high school student in Cheyenne Wyoming. My style could be discribed in several different ways but, I consider myself a street photographer. At the same time I enjoy portrait work as well. Currently I work for the largest newspaper in Wyoming, the Wyoming Tribune Eagle as an intern photographer. Every since I was a youngin' I was obsessed with the city. Being only 2 hours away from Denver Colorado I was and still am able to make the drive when I want to do some street and city scaping photography. Unfortunately, being from Wyoming I am somewhat hindered as to what is avalible for street photography but I always find a way to pull through. The inspiration behind this is from several different places, but I think the biggest is the song Ambition by Wale. I see myself as an aspirational and ambitious person that wont let any determine my life or my work. Im always hungry and motatived to reach higher places for myself.

1. Framed Image - Outside of Colorado lies an old train track and station that was used during the 1800's. Currently, this is what that old track looks like.

2. Vanishing Point - In the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming rests the Wind River Reservation. This photo was taken right before entering the notorious reservation.

3. Candid Portrait - In the heart of Denver, 17th street hosts numerous amounts of people everyday. This photo was taken around 5 P.M. that evening and im sure everyone was on their way home. So trying to get from point A to point B was very obvious. I definitely see the hustle of this guy.

4. Action Shot - As I previously stated, I am an intern for the Tribune Eagle here in Cheyenne. This is a shot from one of the games I had to shoot. When shooting games, I really try to emphasize the struggle some of these athletes go through. This young man in particular was going up for a lay up and surround him are defenders. I really enjoyed this photo.

In conclusion, I again was inspiried by the song Ambition simply because of the message. For someone like me coming from a small city, I have big dreams and the willingness and the ambition to make it to a big place. I want to the the homie @itsforgotham and the big man @trashhand for the consistant inspiration and the words of encouragement every once and a while. My instagram user is @illkaiser come check out my feed, shoot a follow or lay down some words for a youngin' like myself.

Thanks everyone,

Kaiser C.


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