Arnaud Muller Feuga

Freelance video editor/storyboarder/artist



Ambient light practice: Altar

Okay, so I grabbed an old sketchup prop I had done, an altar, (wich coincidently shares some ressemblances with the teacher example), and went on with the process:(Sorry for the black edges from the sketchup screen grab!)

The light diffusion pass:

Tried to be subtle, hope the greys can reads on skillshare. (And yes, there is pesky black edges from sketchup. Sorry, I still need to learn some stuff about the sketchup render options...)

The ambient occlusion pass:

And adding a light and some soft shadows:

(Come on Pippin, don't look into the Palantir!)

Loads of fun and really makes the image come to life this phase!

This subject is tricky cause subtility is the key! But I did learn some stuff, (I think :p )

Any crit/feedback will be welcomed, color and light is a big area where I want to improve.


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