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Amber’s Style Search - student project

Hello, I'm Amber! I'm an illustrator and designer in Charlotte, NC. You can find more of my work on my website and Instagram using the links below:

I will be updating this project as I continue my research and work. New content will be posted at the top so scroll down to see the history.

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January 02

I haven’t dug into my flat files to see what examples I might find in there but rather pulled a few images from my Instagram profile. I’ll refrain from negativity since the point of this exercise is that we focus on things that we like in our work. But I will say that I am in need of more complex images in my portfolio.

Self Assessment

Amber’s Style Search - image 1 - student project



December 30, 2020
Today I completed two more case studies to help balance the style references that I will be pulling from for this project. One thing each of the three illustrators I’ve chosen have in common is strong black and white work. They each use black confidently. This brings a sense of richness and confidence to their work. It also makes them very marketable illustrators - being able to work in black and white is very desirable market wise.

Another commonality is that neither of them tries to disguise the traces of their tools whether it be pencil, pen or brush. None of them have tight, clean work though there is a range of tidy and looser mark making and line work between them.

Also, they each incorporate interesting details into their work - especially pattern details. 

Case Study #2

Amber’s Style Search - image 2 - student project


Case Study #3

Amber’s Style Search - image 3 - student project

December 29, 2020

As of yet I have done little illustration work other than that which I have done for my own pleasure. I began about three years ago taking on freelance graphic design projects and most of my employment is in that field other than a couple of very small licensing deals. This spring I returned to university to finish my BFA and should graduate next fall.

While I have done a few pieces that I like I don’t really feel like I have a style. I am interested in developing my hand and viewpoint along with a process that I can rely on when approaching a project. I also need to work on my confidence with figures and more complicated scenes.

I am really drawn to analog work even though much of my own work thus far has been digital. I’m interested in developing the confidence to be a bit looser. So for this challenge I am pulling together case studies that could help me toward that direction.

I am going to be realistic with my schedule as I am tackling this project during my winter break. I do not have time before I return to university to complete an entire alphabet series. Therefore I am organizing another shorter series that interests me. My goal is ten pieces over my break.

I’ve watched all of Tom’s Skillshare classes and am excited to actually participate in one!

Case Study #1

Amber’s Style Search - image 4 - student project

Amber Benton
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