Amazing... - student project

Wow, after 10 years knowing and installing macromedia Flash at college, finally I created my first animation in Adobe Animate...

Animation in Flash (formerly) is the most difficult thing that i learn, so I stop learning at that time. But when I met your class... I created my first and second animation... and soon maybe my own cartoon. hehee :)

Thank you teacher Siobhan...

Your easy to follow instruction makes me able to make animation for the first time.

I created it directly using mouse on my PC without using any pen, so pardon if the shape is not soo good.

Amazing... - image 1 - student project

See the above ball? I think it's not a ball, so at the end i didnt create rolling effect

Amazing... - image 2 - student project

For the jumping, pardon if its not good enough, but did you know? I'm so happy. :D

Surya NDN
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