Amazing and Easy Non-Vegetarian Starters

Amazing and Easy Non-Vegetarian Starters - student project


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We all love to eat super delicious starters but when it comes to the preparation, it just gets so hard and time consuming that majority of us give up on our urge to make our own food even if we know how healthy it is to cook at home. 

I also had the same problem but with time and my passion to cook made me come up with few amazing yet super easy recipes. 

I have shared my recipe in this course for you to make and enjoy. 

I am sure you will also enjoy these recipes as much as I loved making it for you all.

Happy cooking friends! Hope to see you in the class.

Project Description

Please make the recipes as I have described in the video and share the photo of your recipe of the same once you have made it followed this recipe

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Sumit Dutta