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Jorge Anguiano

Creative CooKing, Meatland Manager



Amazing Pizza from a scratch ¡without oven!


In this class i will show you how to do and incredible and tasty Pizza from a scratch and the best of all without an oven, its a simple, quick and easy to follow recipe, and the resulting meal its awesome, the softness and the flavor of the dough as it is baked in steam is unique.

Project Tittle

Making Your Dreamed Pizza, Easy as Pie!

Project description

Do you like bacon? how about sausages or pineapple? Well, the project consists in you making your very own pizza, just follow the instructions, and share the pizza you were dreaming with.

  • Just be sure to take a picture of it at its doug state (after you rolled it) so we can see its thickness and softness
  • One pic when you put all the toppings and before you close the pot
  • And the final shot when its ready to be served

Video Outline link: I will love some comments and feedback :3

Introduction Video:

Link to the video preview:


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