Amazing Life and Career

Amazing Life and Career - student project

I always loved drawing and after school I thought it was impossible to have a career as an artist. I studied architecture instead and kept painting as a hobby but I always felt that I was not being fulfilled as a designer. Two years ago I was so frustrated with my art practice. It took me months to finish an artwork. I decided to do a 100-day project with watercolors and I absolutely loved it. In the middle of the project a Japanese restaurant asked me to create an illustration for them. It was great working with them  and it made me happy to see their excitement when they saw my artwork. And my illustration was hanging in the city center of Amsterdam. Since then I have been creating and learning.

I like to draw food, animals and create patterns. But I would like to explore other subjects too, like city illustrations. I wonder if I’m drawn to too many things and it’s not cohesive enough. In general I love colorful things and joyful art. I want to reach the next level and feel that greeting cards, surface design and homeware suit my creations. One of my goals is to create a collection and license my art. I would love to see my work on packaging design too.

I am most surprised to find fashion illustration on my board. I remember that as a child I made a lot of fashion drawings, even had a small book where I kept all my designs. I was probably influenced by all the vogue magazines my mum had. You can also see some Paris influence, I love this city, the artworks of impressionism and the poster designs of Henri Toulouse-Lautrec.

For the future I want to have more time to appreciate the life around me as family and nature. I am looking forward to travel again to cities and explore the food and culture there. I would also love to go to more exotic places and see some wild animals. I always knew that I wanted to work for myself, being able to visit a museum during the day or just go for a walk.


Thank you so much for an inspiring and encouraging class. It inspired me to keep going!


Amazing Life and Career - image 1 - student project


Amazing Life and Career - image 2 - student project


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Claudia Konig
Cloudy King I Art & Illustration