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Amazing Blog Content

Thanks Joew and Khaleel! 

Here are a few of my favorite blog content types: 

1. Top Lists

As we all know, songs work great in Top Lists. You can embed the youtube videos and make a very dynamic post. Stereogum is good in that. 

2. Interviews

I particularly like conversational type of interviews like the one in the above link. The exchange of question-answer seems more natural to me if the interviewer explains a bit about himself as well or tells his point of view during the interview.

3. Guest Posts

Copyblogger invites professionals to write about different Content Marketing related topics. In this above example you can see what this precise author (who's a founder and Chief Content Officer at a startup) has written about. It also includes a description about herself, picture + social media channels.

4. Tips & Tricks

I like the fact that different professionals give a brief tip on the same subject. It def adds credibility, value and engages audience to the conversation.

5. In-depth Tutorials

Clear and to the point. Describes step by step what to do and includes imagery + video which is always useful and helps digesting the text. Also: I find the table of content just fantastic, it allows you to click on the different steps and to head straightaway to the step you're looking for, so that you don't need to scroll forever. Cons: Perhaps a bit too long?

6. Video

I think this section of dailytekk is just one of the many examples of good vlogs there are out there. Plain and simple: The same person appears always in the video, reviewing or comparing products, giving his or her opinion on a subject, DIY, etc. Also essential: Speaking out the CTA at the end of every video. 

What do you guys think? Any other ideas? 


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