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Shay Gipson

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Amateur Hour Brought to You by Shay

Adventures with Nikki Varla - since I am not a photographer but Nikki is a model this was a great time, she was helping give insight to me to shoot her.  My goal with this class is simple, to understand what a photographer and his or her model need to do with one another.  Understand the camera, lighting and editing.  

On this shoot I noticed the lighting was difficult.  I finally understood why shoots have to start at sunrise or sunset...both make for perfect lighting, but this bridge is sooo amazing, I feel shadows lend a hand in making the  photo feel gritty as well as leave an allure to Nikki. 

Mama Loca in the 51 this shoot I did later in the day and I saw how when I begin to loose light I need to rely more on the camera and the surrounding lights so my model is lost in the darkness.  Only so much photoshop can do...I am not one to edit much...something about capturing someone in their full beauty with limited editing is better to me.


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