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Amanda's Song



I have been working with this song for a couple of years now but could just never put it all together in a way that I liked. I decided to work with a D G A chord progression that I think gives the song a nice lift. The melody is an arpeggio of a C chord that I explored with an acoustic guitar to create an acoustic version of the song that has a more somber tone to it.

The song has a very upbeat, dance-like feel that I think would play well in the background of most ads. I had a hard time deciding what really influenced the sound, but I think it could best be attributed to chiptune pieces though I don't have any specific ones in mind.

The song does include lyrics, but I have no confidence in my singing ability, and they probably could use more work. I also apologize if the mixing is a little off. I'm trying my best to get a lot of the problems under control but don't have a strong grasp on how to really fix the problems.


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