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Amanda's Sketchbook Magic

Day 1:

Hello! My name is Amanda Edds and I am a graphic designer working full time in advertising/marketing in Virginia Beach. I hope to gain from this class a daily sketchbook practice which gives me an opportunity to move away from the computer and be free to experiment creatively and branch out to different tools and techniques. I'm really looking forward to devoting a little bit of time each day to practice something new and make art.

Medium: Colored Pencils

I've had pumpkins on my mind ever since I stopped by the Farmers Stand last week and saw tons of different pumpkins. It always amazes me how many different kinds there are and how different each one can be.


Day 2:

My Favorite Part of today's assignment was experimenting with the water color. I haven't used water colors in quite a while. It didn't react with my sketchbook paper like I anticipated and I was tempted tear the page out and start over, but instead I kept at it and this is my result. Excited to be playing around with new tecniques!

Medium: Water Color
Inspiration: My prompt word was Leaves


Day 3:

I actually cheated on today's assignment. I rolled a 5 which seemed like plenty of time but ended up doodling a little longer as I was doing it while watching TV and easily got distracted. I felt relaxed just doodling today's art are these funny little Marker Monsters.

Medium: Sharpie Markers
Inspiration: My prompt was Monsters
Time: 5 minutes


Day 4:

Thinking about locations and how much time I really spend just waiting throughout my day that when I selected my living room it seemed like the perfect location. Think of all that time lost on commercial breaks that could be used to make art! I felt free to doodle as I pleased in this casual setting. The pressure to create something real was gone and I was free to just make marks.

Medium: Colored Pencils
Inspiration: My prompt was Geometric Shapes
Time: No dice. About the length of commercial break :-)
My living room while waiting for the walking dead to begin


Day 5:

My last day of the class and I drew my pet. I was trying to keep my sketching quick and loose and although it doesn't necessarily look like my dog, it looks like a dog, so I suppose that's a win. I'm choosing to participate in November 30-Day Sketch-a-Day Challenge and I'm so looking forward to November 1st. With 10 days to go I'm going to keep posting up until the challenge begins.

Medium: Colored Pencils
Inspiration: Prompt was 'Pets'



The November 30-Day Sketch-A-Day Challenge:

Nov 1: FALL
When fall first arrives it makes me sad because it is the end of summer but then I am reminded that with it comes beautiful warm colors and delicious produce like apples! We recently picked up 1/2 a bushel of apples from a local orchard and we are eating our way through through them.


Nov. 2: Gourds


Nov. 3: Colors


Nov. 4: Hay


Nov. 5: Feast


Nov. 6: Bonfire


Nov. 7: Home
When I think of home I think of warmth and cozy blankets.


Nov. 8: Gathering


Nov. 9: Season
My favorite season is summer!


Nov. 10: Chill


Nov. 11: Tea


Thanks for all of your feedback and encouragement so far. Feel free to comment below and let me know what you think!


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