Amanda Royer. "A Voice From The Bayou"

 Everyone grows up. The whole time we are growing, all we want is to be grown; Once we are grown, all we want is to be little again. This is probably because when we ,like baby birds,  leave the nest and get thrown out it to this big world, and that thunk when we hit the ground hurt a lot harder than it  sounded. Some go back to the nest, some go farther away.  Some have chicks of their own, and some get ate for dinner.  All I can say is life is harder than we expect, when you  think everything is good, disaster will strike. When  everything is bad all you can do is look for the good. Life is what you make it, Not what is handed to you. From my experience all I know is; If i get knocked down, I will get,up and dust off my britches because i know what ever comes next is going to knock me down twice as hard. And when it  does, ill sit there a little let the dust settle then giggle  at how dusty I am, stand back up and start walking because  I've learned I will not get away where by sitting in the  dust.

                   This being said is the reason why i have decied to promote and sell my art for colledge tuition. I enjoy doing photography and painting in my spae time, which is hard to find. You never know maybe I'll be a famous artist on day. See what you think down below.....






I Plan to use this bolg for my artisct thought, and as a rough draft for  website and blog I am going to create. Your voice helps so let me know your opinion.


Find me on facebook... and keep up with my work.

  or visit my website... which is still under construction

  Much love, Thanks for your time.....Amanda Royer




I am Amanda Royer.

Although I have never blogged before, I am very excited to start. Blogging i think will be the perfect way to promote my art work and crafts I am planning to sell for my college tuition.

Three blogs I find engaging:




Are the three post I have chosen to submit on account that I find them all interesting, and attractive to the eye. The common theme among them all is art.

I hope this class will help me start my blog, and that some of you will continue to be my followers if all goes well. The best of luck to everyone in this class, as I hope the best of luck to me as well in starting this blogging lifestyle.   :)


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