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Amanda Palmer 3 Colour Poster by Candy Medusa

For this project I decided to design a poster of Amanda Palmer, mostly because I love her, and partly because if I tweet it to her she might actually see it, which is pleasing. Or appalling, if she doesn't like it, but let's not dwell on that.

Although I've worked in a screenprint style before, I've never designed anything with a view to it actually being screenprinted, and I'm not entirely sure what level of detail can be accommodated, so this might have to end up being a really big poster... 

For the colours, I wanted to use purple, because you just can't go wrong with purple, and from the cover of 'Theatre is Evil' I know Amanda looks good with pink, and then I went with a blue for colour number three so that I could mix that to make more purples. I used the magic of maths and photoshop to work out how the colours would mix, I have no idea if that actually works in real life, but this is what I did in RGB:

Pink: R:G:B 255:0:127
Blue: R:G:B 127:0:255
Purple: R:G:B 127:0:121

Pink + Blue: 191:0:191
Blue + Purple: 127:0:191
Pink + Purple: 191:0:127

I used a friend's photos of Amanda as a source, with his permission, and decided to concentrate on either just an eye, or a close up of Amanda's face, and then style the text after Amanda's eyebrows.


I didn't do much in the way of sketches as once I knew the layout and colours I was going to use, I wanted to get started :)

So here it is, my 3 colour poster for Amanda Palmer:


The max file size allowed on skillshare is 2MB and it would only let me upload a jpg so it's not looking its best, you'll have to use a bit of imagination for those lovely clean screenprinted lines (or I'm going to have to come back some time when it isn't bedtime and save a better version) :)

Comments welcome.

You can see some of my other work at

Thanks for taking a look :)


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