Amanda Ingle - v3

Amanda Ingle - v3 - student project


I finally feel like I am starting to get the whole picture rather than just information in chunks. I had a basic working knowledge of HTML so this part was easier. :)



Updated the site with a table, contact form, and iFrame map! Loving this stuff! Find updates at


Updated the site with HTML semantic, youtube iframe embed, song, and meta keywords and descriptions. '


Updated site with basic CSS id, class, descendent, and pseudo selectors. Added some google fonts and played with some divs. This is where I am getting caught up. In fact, I added a class selector in the Fiesta page and it doesn't show on the site, yet the site validated. I am not sure why it's not showing up any help would be appreciated! 

UPDATE: 10 minutes later I watched the Developer Tools video and figured out I needed to create a descendent selectors for that <p> because it was listed as <section> then <p> and I only had <section class="words"> and then in the CSS was expecting the .words { stuff} to work! I love figuring stuff out myself. :)


I am about ready to scream...don't know about anyone else but I did chapte 6 and got all lost. Think I need to rewatch all the videos to get the idea down. There is just so much code going on and I am getting confused when looking at my document. 

Amanda Nagy

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