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Amanda & Daniel Watercolor Wedding Logo

My sister is getting married and she requested me to create her weeding visual ID (as a gift from her graphic designer brother) :P

As we started working on the job it felt really related to the content of this class I was already taken so I decided to use it as my class project. 

Brand Attributes:

Taking they wedding/ wedding day as a brand, they enlisted the following attributes to be taken in consideration on creating the logo:

  • happiness
  • simplicity
  • love
  • creativity

It was also highlighted the importance of simplicity in the logo, their are not having a fancy wedding, they want something simple that they can have a great time and celebrate their love with family and friends.

Mood Board:

My sister and I started a pinterest board in order to work on references for their logo. After time, we sat and narrowed it down to some core images:


She requested me to work on the following color palette, brides request... although i found it adequate.


Handwritten Lettering:

In order to put as much love as possible in their logo I decided to do as much work as I could do by hand, and put my heart out in their logo. 

Taking the baseground established on the previous steps, I started working free on the handwritten, trying different things, elements and so on. (some of the process below)




I also worked on a monograme for some of the wedding printed materials:


After I finished in Illustrator to vectorize and improve the handwritten results, achieving the result below:


To respect the attribute simplicity I decided to do not use any element on the logo, I didn't fell it was necessary. 

Watercolor Background:

I also got some time playing with watercolors on colors and shapes (below some of the results).


My sister felt in love with the one that goes from green to blue to purple and I kept playing with those colors.


To complete the task I worked on photoshop and achieved this reseult:


Final Results:

These are the final watercolor logo and monograme to be used in the invitation, weddgin website, and so on:




Thanks for watching!


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