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Amanda Barker - The Spoon River Anthology

Step 1.

                                                    Amanda Barker

"HENRY got me with child, Knowing that I could not bring forth life Without losing my own. In my youth therefore I entered the portals of dust. Traveler, it is believed in the village where I lived That Henry loved me with a husband’s love But I proclaim from the dust That he slew me to gratify his hatred"

The text i chose to adapt my screenplay was from Edgar Lee Masters Spoon River Anthology listed as "Amanda Barker". The reasoning for Choosing this particular Poetry fiction was for the fact that it has so much potential for the screenplay to be so much more than what it is in text in the book . "Amanda Barker"  is shorter than mojortity of the other texts listed and even though that may be true i feel as if it has a wide variety of imaginings for the back story. For example this text made me come up with quite a few questions while reading the material. Here are some for example.

  1. Was there a particular motive on why Henry took the action of what he did?
  2. Is Henrys doing intentional or accedntial?
  3. What was wrong with Amanda that she knew she would die when having child birth, and Did previous complication during other births or misscarriges increase the risk?
  4. What exactly was Amanda's and Henrys relationship toward eachother?


I would love feedback, as much as possible to help in the process of writing my screenplay! Thanks! (:


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