Am I mastering water? :)

Am I mastering water? :) - student project

I think there is not secret. All arts require practice, practice, and more practice. So, though I have been painting for a little while, it was great to refresh not so basic techniques, test new or problematic brushes, and wrap everything up with a nice little Rhino project. I am not quite happy with the snoot but wanted to challenge myself a little more by timing the entire paint to 30min max,drying time included. There was no room for errors and ... errors were made :) But I did truly enjoyed the process and will revisit this rhino and give it its full potential. Denise is a fantastic teacher and I am looking forward to my next class with her!

Am I mastering water? :) - image 1 - student projectAm I mastering water? :) - image 2 - student project