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Am I focusing on my work right now?

I've been using a 10 minute timer to keep myself focused since transitioning to working from home. If the timer goes off and I'm being productive, my reaction is something along the lines of "not now, I'm thinking/working/writing/!" but with more cursing before getting back to work. If I'm day dreaming, I catch myself and only a few minutes have gone by. Phew.

This method has been great for keeping me on track and focused in an environment where it is very easy to just read Buzzfeed articles all day. So I'd like to adapt it for my infographic. Now when the timer goes off after 10 minutes, I'm going to write on a notepad whether I was focused or distracted. I'm going to break up each day by morning, mid-day, afternoon and evening to see when I'm most focused (or at least, the least distracted). I'm going to do this over the course of a week to account for days when I have meetings or start late in the morning.


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