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Ana Hurka-Robles

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Am I An Awesome Climber?

After much hemming and hawing, I decided to base my project on the work-out data I've been gathering on an awesome Fitness social networking site called Fitocracy.

I've used Fitocracy to track my workouts since 2012. I started indoor rock climbing in March 2012, and used the app to track my progress as I went from beginner to not-quite-so-beginner.

Climbing progress is easily measured, because indoor "boulding problems" (deliberately place holds on the walls marked with colored tape, meant to be climbed in one go without a rope) are graded on the "V-Scale". V0 is the easiest, but still challening for beginnings, and anything above V7 is very challenging even for experienced climbers.

My Fitocracy records provide me with dates of my climbs, how long I climbed, and with personal notes I took on the day that usually mentioned the highest grade I climbed.

I'm taking the last 7 months of climbing as my data pool and put those figures in an excel chart.  In Decemeber 2012, I was at the peak of my climbing skills, regularly completing V3s. Then I left NYC for Christmas, didn't climb for several weeks and saw a big drop in my skills when I got back. I'm interested in telling the story of my setbacks in climbing and how long it takes to get back to where I was after a setback.

I haven't yet figured out how I want to present this data. The obvious idea woud be to somehow make a graph that mirrored a climbing route - but I'm trying to keep my mind open and am looking forward to the next lesson to get some more ideas about the best way to demonstrate a number of different data points.

I wonder if I schould scale this all down a bit or take a sampling of data from a shorter time period, like a month. 


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