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Alyssa Greenberg

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Alyssa Greenberg, Freelance Copywriter

After two years of working in the arts and non-profit sector of Philadelphia, I'm making a career transition to copywriting, something I've been eager to get into for a long time. With one soon-to-be-published freelance project and an advertising internship coming up, I've already made headway on getting experience in the field, but I wanted to do a comprehensive rebranding to stay agile and ready for any opportunities that may come up.

I began by conducting an informal survey of three former and present supervisors and/or editors. My questions were meant to explore my unique qualities, what I bring to the work I do, and how I'll be as a copywriter. My questions (keeping it brief) were:

When you think of my work, what’s the overall impression? How would you categorize me?

What do you think of copywriting and advertising in general?

Do you think I am suited for copywriting, and how so?

What do you think I will bring to this new direction?

The feedback I got was tremendously helpful. Some of it reiterated ideas I had already started to develop for this rebranding, but much of it was fresh, new insight into the way I work and how I can build on different things as a copywriter. This was also an opportunity to figure out what I can do better as I progress. The condensed findings:

Impressions/Experience Summary

- An excellent written communicator. I could improve on attention to detail, not one of my strong suits, as well as verbal communication, but I'm generally very easy to communicate with. 

- Strongly motivated and willing to challenge myself and learn and grow. I go out of my way to seek candid feedback, and I take editing very well, which is not the case for all writers. 

- My interest in the content of my work is clearly strong, which shows in all my work products.

 - Very capable of adapting, wearing different hats, and taking ownership of difficult tasks. 

- Down-to-earth, a team player and able to relate to many different types of people. Well-networked and actively engaged in the community. 

- Culturally literate, social media savvy, and well-spoken. 


Going Forward

- My down-to-earth approach and ability to see from different points of view is well-suited for getting into the minds of consumers.

- My optimism and ease with finding enthusiasm in projects will be an asset, since I'll be living and breathing brands.

- My eagerness for self-improvement and proactivity will translate well to the actual content of what I'm working on. 

- My confidence in what I want will come across strongly when I interview or talk about what I'm doing or planning to do. 

Phase 2: Ideation and Laying the Groundwork

 Using my interview results, feedback from peers and personal overview, I mapped out where I'll go from here.

1. In one year, what do you want your brand to be known for? 

- Versatility, living and breathing for diverse campaigns/products, and an interdisciplinary eye, creating brands with a strong sense of culture, history, nuance and context.

2. The people who love your brand most care about: 

- Cultivating a sophisticated audience, developing long-term relationships, bringing in diverse influences and avoiding an echo chamber.

3. Your brand is NOT:

- One note, jargon-y or uninspired.

4. Above all else, your brand stands for:

- Thoughtful, honest, nuanced, omnivorous, and constantly ready to listen and learn.


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