Alyona's Odd Bodies

Alyona's Odd Bodies - student project

I decided to start with yoga poses and drew a couple of versions. Second one is a bit clearer, but I like first one 'cause it's softer and looks more natural.
Alyona's Odd Bodies - image 1 - student project

For Page of Poses exercise I chose to draw ice-skaters from (mostly) 90's, and found out that they are really tricky for me to draw :) But they look funny at least. 

Alyona's Odd Bodies - image 2 - student project

As for People in Shapes!, the hardest part for me was to decide why character is in such a weird position. That's why there is a cat!Alyona's Odd Bodies - image 3 - student project

I used coloured paper for cutouts. They all've actually come in different sizes and not really in the same style, however, I've enjoyed process a lot. It's usually hard to me to draw people poses: I always begin with references and become really conscious about anatomy and proportions, and do a million sketches and so on. But when you need to cut it out free-handed, you don't really have time to think, and it really helps to create spontaneous shapes.   

Alyona's Odd Bodies - image 4 - student project

I struggled on Exaggeration exercise 'cause could not imagine object to use which would be easy to draw a story about but not really obvious and banal. I came out with a lamp; maybe it's still not so unique object but I like how it went.  

Alyona's Odd Bodies - image 5 - student projectAlyona's Odd Bodies - image 6 - student project

Alyona's Odd Bodies - image 7 - student project