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Alyona's Day

Here it is my regular working day.

Now I'm trying to sketch up all my routine actions.

So, my day is usually started with alarm clock on my phone. Then I drink a glass of water - I think it's a pretty healthy way to start your day. Then I take shower. I usually have oatmeal with fruits or raisins or some kind of trail mix  on my breakfast. Then I dressing uo, doing make-up, all that girly beauty things ;).

Taking a bus to get to work. I work at the office as a graphic designer.
Working, then checking email, facebook, twitter, all that social network stuff :) I decided to define it through the letter (aka 'message', or just 'email') icon, 'cause when we clicking on that kind of soc network link, we usually expect to get new message from somebody, or 'like', or a comment. And all the activity on this sites is to get some feedback. 
I can't imagine even one working day without cup of coffee, 'cause I'm really cofffee addicted. 
Sometimes I get boring during workday, or just fell like I need some inspiration to get new ideas for work, so, I start to browse some inspirational sites, like Pinterest, or Behance, or something else to get some inspiration. 
I think it will be fine to draw it as a bubble with a lightbulb in it, 'cause lightbulb is common metaphoric image for ideas, and this part of my day is all about exploring existing ideas and getting new ones.
Then I usually have my lunch. Sometimes I take a break just to walk, because I love walking, and sometimes I just need it after hours of sitting in front of computer and not moving a lot. 

Then I getting back to my work till the end of the day.

Taking a bus to get home. Then foodshopping, then cooking dinner, then having it...

Then I usually have my drawing practice. I'm trying to draw every day, so it's some kind of the evening before-sleep ritual for me. 

Then bathroom things, and then I go to sleep. So, that's what my day looks like. 


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