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Denise Blaauwkamer

Game Artist / Illustrator



Alyn Copperscale in Motion

Hi there, my name is Denise Blaauwkamer and I'm a Game Artist/Illustrator.
Lately I've been redesigning an old character of mine and I wanted to use her for this class.

The first thing I started with was a static full body sketch to get a feel of the clothing and proportions I want to use. Then I started to explore different expressions with the eyes and mouth since that is one of my mayor weak points when drawing a character.

For now here is a WIP of what I've made so far.


I made some pose sketches, I used different sources for reference. 


I'm now creating my own pose, the legs still need some work because I'm not quite happy with them. But I still splattered some base color on it so see if all the colors of the outfit work out.


I really had a problem with the legs, they didn't look stable so I redrew them and eventually went all out with coloring.


So this is the finished drawing, I really liked this class, I learned a lot and I'm sure I will rewatch it some more in the future just to keep my skills polished and I still want to draw even more dynamic poses.


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