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Samantha Renee

Illustrator/Graphic Designer



Always Save Your Old Work

A lot of our failures comes from experimenting and practicing through our years of age. 

I wish I had saved a lot of my work from younger years instead of throwing it away thinking it was a bad drawing, or a bad design.

For the work that I had saved, I can look back on it and see how far I've progressed and grown as an artist, a photographer, and designer. 

Here are a couple of examples of a recent wedding photoshoot that I feel I've failed as a photographer.

These were way underexposed, and made them too dark. I was rushed for time and so I had to fix them in photoshop as a result. Also I learned that with the position the sun was at the time, it made some of the bush shadow over the subjects. A fail in which I learned to pay attention to next time. At least the couple loved the edited versions and I was able to nail it and save the day!

Next I have some old graphic designs that I thought were ok at the time, but as I've gained years of experience, I now see the fails.

Just ignore my watermark in the corner for now. First thing is that striked me as wrong was my placement of the words, "The Artist and her Muse". I liked how the leading was tight but if I had to redo it, I would have aligned "The" with "Artist", and moved "and her" to the left a bit more. 

This was a two page spread and probably wouldn't have been approved for print because of me not correcting my orphans and widows. Oh well, at least now I know to pay more attention to that!

Another two page spread. For starters, I was new to this, again my fails on orphans. Also that one paragraph in a light blue color, why would I choose that color?! So hard to read and would print bad. I would probably just redesign this all over if I had to. Text wrapping would have looked nice in some places.

Oh geez, well this was supposed to be an ecard I made during a contest for work. Needless to say I didn't win, lol. First there's just too many fonts being used and it was just too busy to read the sentence.

um........ Don't even get me started. Just a major fail. I was new at graphic design lol.

Overall, I liked doing this project and seeing how far I've come. That's why I stress to you to save all your old stuff to help you grow! 

If you want to check out any of my new and better work, visit my website here:


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