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Rose Burt

designer, maker, musician



Alvin Lucier

This was a fun project. I had a hard time choosing, so I used the 'draw from a hat' method to narrow it down to one artist. Lucier is well known for an electronic music piece called 'I am sitting in a room' that uses analog tape and repeated recordings and playback in a room to slowly transform spoken words into wild colorful feedback. The room as a physical space is such an integral part of it, I've always sort of imagined it as I listened to it. I tried to capture a little bit of what I imagine as the space, in this poster design.

I had a really good time playing with the different drawing materials - I didn't end up using a lot of them for the final piece, but it was really fresh and interesting to work with hand drawn lines, as I normally work directly in illustrator except for concept sketches. Overall super fun project.





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