Alverde-Label from "dm"

Alverde-Label from "dm" - student project

"Alverde" represents a home-label from "dm" and "dm" is a German drugstore-chain. I am a faithful customer for many years because the products labeled "Alverde" are good nature products. The original label looked somewhat boring and unimpressive to me. They changed it a little what you can see above at the right side on the homepage but I think an affectionately handmade and unique label is more adequate.

I selected a product from Alverde a solid coconut-milk soap. I found it at home and I believe it is perfect for this project (see photo below "original label"). I will design the front of the soap-box completely new. You can see the handmade new Alverde-label and the appropriate product-description. Strictly speaking I had to leave the product-description in German language but I think it is much better to translate it in English. ;-)


I am very interested in this class and so I am very happy to share this precious experience with you all. Because I live in Germany I do not have many possibilities to get into contact with such a professional as Jon Contino who lives at the other side of the Atlantic. Before he posted an information for his Skillshare-class, I never knew that Skillshare even existed. I’m so excited and still figuring out how Skillshare works… ;-)


My inspiration-board

Alverde-Label from "dm" - image 1 - student project


Original label

Alverde-Label from "dm" - image 2 - student project


Some of my sketches

Alverde-Label from "dm" - image 3 - student project

Alverde-Label from "dm" - image 4 - student project

Alverde-Label from "dm" - image 5 - student project

Alverde-Label from "dm" - image 6 - student project


My finalized design

Alverde-Label from "dm" - image 7 - student project


Alverde-Label from "dm" - image 8 - student project