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Alumnae Icons

I'm a big supporter of my alumnae organization, and of alumnae organizations in general. I believe that your undergraduate institution should, in the best of cases, be a mothership to which you can return throughout your career to connect with your intellectual self.

I want to create a set of icons that represent a few ways that alumnae can engage with their alma mater.

4/17 - I started with a word + visual brainstorm of things that interest me. As you can see, I could resist the urge to start drawing a little bit.

4/18 - I was really uninspired about where these images were going. It all seemed uninspired. I kept drawing (below), was still disapointed.

4/20 - I took a step back and started mind mapping again. This time a theme emerged around ways alumnae engage.

4/22 -  I did a little mind map for each of three alumnae icon ideas, which translate to three ways alumnae can interact with their institution. I hope that these notes will help me remember why I thought this theme would be a good idea to begin with. 



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