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Alto Hatillo

For My Project I've decided to start with a list of the neighborhood I grew up in. 

I listed the parts of my current location and where I am from.

I'm not sure if I want to do a two words or one. But I think it will be more interesting to do Alto Hatillo vs. just Hatillo. I think it will look nice and more rewarding to do the 2 words.

I have also made some research about the history of this neighborhood. Most of the houses are very colonial and colorful. They are very simple and modest considering that there was not much money when the town was founded in 1784. But still it carries an enormous amount of character through colors and materials like wood, clay and other things found nearby. 

Where you can see some lettering is in the name of houses. The signs are made on ceramic (there are other materials as well) and you can find outside of a house. In Venezuela we name houses, so you can see how confusing it can be to find a house and how helpful it is that the signs grab your attention. 

I'm including some references of names I found online (it was a little tough to find these) and other photos of the neighborhood so you get an idea of hoe colorful it is. Plus, it will also inspire my color palette.



You can get an idea of how much they vary. I really like the ones in ceramic, they have a more brushed quality and a little more simple and expresive. I'm more drawn to simple, low contrast lettering. I'll start sketching and post some progress soon.

Does anyone have a preference on the type of letterting I should pursue? (I'll continue to look for references, but i think having it on a frame with ornaments will help)


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