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Altering a bra for weight loss

Women who are in the process of losing significant amounts of weight will have to refresh their entire wardrobe several times.  While this is fun, and losing weight is usually good, it is also expensive.

In this class, you will learn how to alter bras as you lose weight.  Altering a bra allows you to postpone needing to buy new and expensive bras for about 20 pounds / 8 kg of weight loss. 

This technique doubles the useful life of your bras on the journey from larger to less large.  Spend the money you save on other, harder to alter clothing, or save it for a new wardrobe when you reach your goal.

On my path, I started at 238, altered bras around 215, bought new at 195ish, and altered them at 180.  It was beginning to look like I might end up at 165 or 170, at which point I plan to buy new again.  YMMV.

In this class, I'll show you two ways of altering bras with foam cups, and one way to alter bras that have fabric cups.


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