Edward D.




Altered Carbon - Richard Morgan


Altered Carbon is a cyberpunk style sci-fi action novel. The main idea I wanted to illustrate from the book was that of digitising minds and re-downloading them into new bodies or 'sleeves'. Particularly touching on the idea of there being extremely old but wealthy people, nicknamed in the story 'Meths' as in Methuselah's, who can afford to live life spans of multiple centuries by downloading their consciousness into a new young clone and essentially use this cycle to secure monolpoly and financial interest. The digitised consciousness can be stored on disk or chip, and the 'Meths' have their 'stack', the container for their digitised conciousness, transmit and upload an update of said consciousness every 48 hours or so, as in the case with one of the main characters called Laurens Bancroft.

I wanted to represent this in a graphic communicative way but also to carry across an indication of some of that lab sterility.


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