Let me start by saying, I was so inspired after watching the course material that i didnt even read the project assignment details i just went straight to sketching. That being said i didnt take pictures of my process, But! i did take one work in progress picture. Heres what i did...


i found the dress on pinterest and i was trying to find the designer but i just kept coming to dead ends. So we'll just leave the designer out of it. I started sketching and I have a tendency to put too much detail into my sketch and not leave much room for the paint to do its thing


(sorry for the low quality snapchat picture) I wanted the focal point to be this girl getting her "one of a kind" gown altered. I wanted to throw in some background things to tie the fitting room together a mirror, a dress form etc.. I tried to pick up some of the graphite from my over-detailed sketch and then I layed down my base coat. I started with the main girls dress trying to highlight the layers of the lower half of the dress (whatever the technical term for that would be) I wanted there to be depth in her dress so you could see that it wasnt just one large gown. This next picture is after id done the second layer of paint on the figures outfits but not the entire piece.


I was trying to find a color scheme in my head and apply it to the page. I wanted a range of colors but i didnt want to throw the rainbow down. I finished it up and evaluated it, criticized it, nearly tore it to pieces and let it dry. in the end i wouldve liked to add more depth to the room and a few more details into her gown but all in all im happy with it.


I would love any comments, criticism or pointers you have. 

Thank you,



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