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Altar Me

Here's 3 different loglines for my script, ALTAR ME.


1-A rejected and heartbroken reality show bachelor retreats the harrassment of the American public and finds true life and love somewhere he never expected, a home for the elderly and dying.

2-A hunky British Bachelor is rejected and heartbroken. He dodges the Amercian backlash where no one would ever think to find him. home for the elderly and dying, where he discovers a realtiy that changes him forever.

3-After being rejected and humilaited on national TV, a hotshot reality show bachelor escapes the spotlight  in disguise, where he discovers real love, in an elderly home.

You can't disocover loved when it is disguised.

SUMMARY/Work in Progress

Victor, 31,  has tried to find love in many places. Despite his good looks and British charm, he hasn’t found much success. He thought making it to the final two guys on "Altar Me," the biggest reality show in America, was going to his big break in LA (in more ways then one). But when the hottest, most eligible bacherlertte in America,  Tanya,  left him at the Altar, Victor was sent home packing, rejected and humiliated.

His rejection on national TV not only broke his heart but brought him to an all time life low. He now has to pick up the pieces of his life with his tail between his legs. He can’t return to his family in the UK as they’ve said “I’ve told you so” one too many times. And the American public won’t let him be "normal," so he's stuck. His overly helpful, and slightly quirky friend, Raul invites him to hide out in San Francisco, (where anyone can blend in) accepting a job with Raul that might avoid the spotlight and the crazy "Altar Me" fans and paparazzi lurking in every corner to tweet his whereabouts to the nation.

Victor beleivs Raul's outrageous service (singing telegrams, flower deliveries, and animal balloon maker operation) might be just the ticket to get his mind off Tanya in hopes for some change. Dressed head to toe in a whilte sequinned suit, with sideburns and all, Victor dresses like Elvis to deliver singing telegrams all over the city.

In a series of  events he connects with Helena, an aging Chinese woman at an elder home, and learns more about life, love, and growing up than he could have ever imagined.

His life is altered in learning to care/sacrifice for someone increasing in their stages of alzheimers. He finds himself in meeting her. He can be himself, but quikcly  Victor’s life gets turned upside down when he is entangled in the web of a conflicted family who have shut out their aging matriarch. Meanwhile he draws close to Helena’s granddaughter, MAE 28, who is one of the most compassionate and selfless people he’s ever met. But when Tanya comes back into his life months later, (bringing the Nation to his doorstep via Reality TV), Victor must decide what (and who) really must change.

Altar me is a  comedic, yet, heartwarming story about the difficulties of accepting ourselves (and others), the challenges of private/public life, and the beauty of love found in uncommon places with uncommon people.


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