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I chose to create a poster for a band that I've just given time to...Alt-J.  They're a really cool 4 piece band from England with a kinda of folky/electronic(ish) battles-esq vibe.  The lead singer has a very distinct voice that may not be for everybody...but I really like them.

Their name is a keyboard shortcut that creates the Delta sign, therefore there are a lot of designs out there based around the triangle.

I really tried to keep away from that by coming up with a more text based design, but I kept on coming back to that tirangle motif.  Considerign that this is their first album out, I think that following the tirangle design would be appropriate, seeing as they need to brand themselves at the start. 

Here, I was playing with more text and a Tetris and Keyboard idea.

More fleshed out Tetris idea, pyramid theme, semiphore and another Keyboard idea.

 I wasn't too thrilled with where it was going so I started to think about Iconic triangles and thought that a "Magic 8 Ball" would be cool....not too sure though.

I also started playing with the idea of an abandoned chruch with a triangle in place of a cross.....still not too sure.

I'm thinking about persuing this idea the most.  I like the idea of possibly utilizing all three versions of this impossible triangle.  I also thought about using a deer head (played out, I know) but I like the idea of some mythical, almost Princess Mononoke kind of idea.

ok, well this is as far as I have got.  I'd really appreciate any feedback or suggestions.  I'll keep at it and come back to it soon.



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