Alt J, Of Monsters and Men, the Lumineers, and Passenger

Hello! I am Jodie and I work as a designer in Brisbane, Australia. I have been trying to really get into illustrator and LOVE DKNG's work and so when I saw this class I figured it was a good way to test my skills. I do a lot of album art for mates in bands and I really love the art of the gig poster, you can put so much expression and creativity into something that the masses look at with adoration and admiration.

I would like to create something that is whimsical and majestic yet keeping to an eath toned palette because well really.. Indie Folk bands and the fact that its the pallete I like. 

1. Research

The Lumineers -- www.thelumineers.com


Of Monsters and Men




Concept 1: Indie Tour Van setting up for a random sidewalk show. Using a VW Combi van stuffed to the brim with music cases and instruments strewn about the ground with a simple marquee saying SUMMER 2013 as the show name like all of my favorite bands had set up a makeshift festival. The names will be written in the background as to not be the main point of focus. This would be a very Australian Summer style poster using warm but subdued hues.

Concept 2: Landscape night time scenery with the name Summer 2013 written out of stars. The names iwll be a part of the main grassy ground and this is a more subued concept allowing each of the elements to have the same amount of emphasis. Would like to play with the lighting from the moon and stars to add depth to the hills, mountains, river, and band names.


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