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Tina Singh

Illustrator/Visual Designer



Alt- J : An Awesome Wave

19th June,2013

The Sketch

My project is on Alt-J's album An Awesome Wave. I was very confused which band to choose and finally i zeroed down on Alt-J. The songs from this album were on loop on my ipod from long time so I thought lets make an album cover on it.


1 Intro2:37 2 (Interlude 1)1:12 3 Tessellate3:02 4 Breezeblocks3:47 5 (Interlude 2)1:17 6 Something Good3:38 7 Dissolve Me3:59 8 Matilda3:48 9 Ms3:59 10 Fitzpleasure3:39 11 (Interlude 3)0:53 12 Bloodflood4:09 13 Taro5:05 


Bandmembers are : Gwilym Sainsbury, Joe Newman, Gus Unger-Hamilton, Thom Green

Signed to Infectious in November 2011, the quartet ∆ (pronounced Alt-J) met at Leeds University while studying fine art and have spent the last two years studying and rehearsing in the basement of a small terraced house.The result is something gorgeously unique while also brilliantly, endlessly inventive.

Hear them out

Keeping in mind the elements of waves,colors, triangles,umbrella I choose my mood board.

Alt-J is an English indie rock quartet, formed in 2007.Their debut album, An Awesome Wave, was released on 25 May 2012 by Infectious Music, and drew on multiple musical genres and sensibilities (folk, rock bass, catchy pop, hip-hop beats, trip-hop atmosphere, indie-rock quirkiness, electronic heavy synth riffs).


Keeping in mind the elements of the album I started my illustration on the triangle symbol and the umbrella of different genre used in the songs.The concept was developed finally as a boat of umbrella floating in front of a castle of triangles or shapes of triangles.

Working on the digital illustration now.


23 June, 2013


After working on the thumbnail sketch, I made the illustration with a palette of blue and red.

Next up will be the photoshop magic on the illustration :)


27th June ,2013

After the vector was taken into photoshop I used Dissolve, Blurs and glow.This is just part 1 of the finishing toches aand it just gave depth to all the areas which needed highlight.

The progress so far

 final outcome


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