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Alt–J - An Awesome Wave


An Awesome Wave tracklist:

  1. "Intro"
  2. "❦ (Ripe & Ruin)"
  3. "Tessellate"
  4. "Breezeblocks"
  5. "❦ (Guitar)"
  6. "Something Good"
  7. "Dissolve Me"
  8. "Matilda"
  9. "Ms"
  10. "Fitzpleasure"
  11. "❦ (Piano)"
  12. "Bloodflood"
  13. "Taro"
  14. "Hand-Made"

I'm going to design a cover for Alt-J's first and only album “An Awesome Wave”. I love everything about it, it's an album with hard contrasts, both in the sound and the lyrics, stretching from gang–rape to lovers losing their lives hundreds of miles away at the same time, from a cappella to a mix of dubstep, electronica, and something that reminds me of one of those indian music videos.

For this same reason I'd like to give the cover a hard contrast between two scenes, one could be a relaxing beach at sunset (with An Awesome Wave in it, of course) to a traffic-filled city or something else highly claustrophobic, like in the Fitzpleasure video.


The idea I have in my mind at the moment is: a guy in the bottom center of the screen diving the two scenes, looking (or maybe recalling) what's in front of him, thinking about what it all means. I'm sure I'm going to use their ∆ symbol but I'm still unsure how, maybe I should split the two scenes in "out of the ∆" and "inside the ∆".

Update 2, rough sketches: I sketched some ideas I had in mind, here they are


(large here)

My two favourites are probably the upper midde left and the lower middle left, I realized there's no ∆ symbol in the first one but it I think it could fit right as a replacement for the sun, or as the guy's head as seen from slightly above.

I gathered some of Alt-J stuff on Pinterest, it's not a moodboard but it's helping me sensing the tone I should go for. As for the style I'm trying to achieve, these two illustration (Fox: is there any way you could link the video from that shot? Vimeo says it got deleted and I'd really like to watch it, thanks!) hit the point, simple but textured shapes. I really like the lightning on the second one, I'll see what I can do about that, beign a cover composed of multiple artworks it may prove difficult to be stay consistent on the lightning.

Update 3, digital: I decided to go for a mix of multiple sketches I did, here's a sneak peek, I'm still unsure on many features and still have to watch the second lecture, so this could go in a completely different direction by the end.


I like the idea of the ∆ being a sort-of wormhole sucking everything around it, both the good and the bad, the calm and the rushed. Now let's see how this idea develops.

Update 4: Some progress, I fear the excitement for this class has made me be a little too heavy with the textured look, what do you think? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated at this stage.


(bigger here)


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