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Alexander Holland

Studio Engineer



Alpro Home Recording Studio

Hey Guys, Ive been Engineering for years Now.After having a singing Group here in Wilmington, De, I went from Singing to Making Beats to Engineering.In this Jourey of mine,ive been tryna find the best way to come close to getting that Industry sound and Tryna find the best Advice Posible for My situation. Everything that I have learned was from reaserching the Internet Finding Youtube Tutorials,books,and tryna Follow the great Engineers that done it before me. Ive Been Upgrading my Home Studio Since 2005.Moving the studio from the Bedroom to the Basment.the ceiling in the Basement is aboout 6ft high lol .room is about 20 ft wide and 10 ft Legnth. My Equipment that Ihave is 


MCU Control Surface

Apollo Interface 

Avalon 737sp Mic Pre/Channel Strip


u87 mic

EL8 Distressor 

Focusrite isa one Mice Pre 

dynaudio BM6A MK2 Monitors 

Yamaha HS50

Presonus Central Station. 

UAD Satelite duo

Song Called Body Ive Recorded And Mixed 





Back Wall


Booth Called Maxwall 


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