Alpine excersice

Alpine excersice - student project

It was a great class, this time I did follow the steps instead of doing something original, I wanted to see how close I could come to the original. 

I appreciate all the work Tom does teaching, I see great value in his process and I can't see how I can incorporate all I'm learning in my own process. I can see lettering isn't a strong part so I plan on learning more about it in the future.


Alpine excersice - image 1 - student project


I wanted to push myself further and see what can I accomplish by following what I learned in this class, this piece represents the mountains in my city, I did 2 sketches from reference and then I did several iterations from memory until I arrived at something I was happy with. I had difficulties with the texture of the green in the from, there where some problems I tried to solve at the best of my ability, and again, thank you Tom for sharing your knowledge.


Alpine excersice - image 2 - student project

Alberto González
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