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Ingrid Elias

Photographer, Illustrator, Professional Doodler



Alphonse Mucha Vintage Poster

I feel like I'm being a little bit too ambitious with this choice... But I have always loved the work of Alphonse Mucha and so I decided to choose a slightly "simpler" poster to recreate.


Here is my first step in the process. I have all the basic shapes down so far, minus the highlights or details in the face... next I am onto matching the colors and workings on gradients.


Finished up the details, highlights, and added some textures. The face was hard to make not look super gaudy and wierd, so I ended up using the blob brush and going over the area with different opacitys.... I was surprised with how it came out! It looks so much better than my first attempts!

The only thing, was that I couldn't figure out how to do the subtle shading on the arms and torso without it looking super awkward and weird.... However, I don't really mind that it looks different and I think that the textures add a lot to the painterly look of the final peice when comparing it to the original.

I am calling this finished! What a fun project! I am in love with the blob brush and wish I had always known about it!


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