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Along the Arno in Florence, Italy

Somethin' sexy about using my mom's old analog Canon (and processing my photos in the darkroom, of course) makes it easy to sit, observe and drink up the delicacy of life in Florence.

I planted myself along the Fiume Arno near Piazza di Santa Maria Soprarno. I walked between Via de Bardi, and the sidewalk along the river. Between sitting on the wall and staring for an hour, and being sucked in to those cafes with buttery lighting, I found some beauts.

[I couldn't keep it to 2 photos! Any ideas where to pare down?]

Voila the Florentine coffee experience! You stand at the bar, shoot back an espresso, exchange a kiss or two, and then la di dah continue on with the day. No dilly dallying with a venti cup of drip the American way.

Looks like someone sweet made tissue paper flowers and hung them over their door frame. I went back after it rained to see if the colors bled on the stone wall, but they had blown away.

I mean, does it get any better at ten in the morning? I like to imagine they're all gussied from a fantastic, never ending night before.

My favorite part of this old camera is the double exposure. I never know where it's gonna happen on the roll. Here, a fancy schmancy mannequin at Luisa Via Roma, all meshed with and an accordion playing street performer with a tin man hat on. It's like the camera wanted to capture Florence all in one photo.

And who doesn't love a little street meat? This butcher was about to feed this to his dog.


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