Alok's 3 story ideas

Working title - An evening to remember
Theme - Self-discovery/self-denial

A happily married man with child/children are threatened by thugs with death. He is an educated, law abiding citizen and had never before tangled with the protectors or the denigrators of law . He is perplexed to know that the thugs have been given a contract to kill him. When he confronts one of the younger thugs he realizes that it's a case of mistaken identity. But he knows that the money has been taken and it's a matter of time before he dies. Going to the Police is not an option, because he doesn't have any proof. So either he tries to outwit the thugs or look for the person who is his namesake. But at the end he realizes that maybe he was a part of this from the very beginning.

Working title - I pine for the trees
Theme - Alienation

This story is set in Europe. A musician living as a refugee is being deported, but he is being given support to start a new life in his own country. He wants to go home but also knows that he will miss all the luxuries that he has gotten used to over the last 10 years. Then he meets a woman (of his own nationality) who has just arrived on a working visa. She works as a nursing attendant to an old couple who owns the building where the musician lives. The musician feels that getting to know her might prolong his stay in the country and he tries to get to know her better. But there's a robbery in the old couple's house and the new attendant goes missing. The police starts an enquiry and the musician is interrogated. Will the musician be able to get back home? - or be incarcerated?

Working title : Don't play
Theme : Fear and redemption

A 6 year old boy is left alone at home after the whole family goes out for a night. He is locked out. This is a huge mansion on the banks of a lake. The boy busies himself during the day playing all by himself around the extensive grounds, but as night falls, the lake gets darker and he fills hungry and tired. He sees and hears things. His overexcited imagination leads him to the jetty on the lake. The parents finally return looking for him. Is he safe or he has given in to the calling of the dark waters?