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(Updates on top)


Added a beachy background (NOTE: not actually Hawaii. Shhhhh!!)


I think I'm about ready to call it a day! After playing with the roughen tool for quite a while I still couldn't get it to look the way I wanted it to, so I just focused on adding texture in photoshop instead. I'm still open to suggestions and advice!


Per Simon's suggestion, I've been playing with some different options for the little icon and I'm kind of liking this one that uses the shape of the big island where the Alohahas are based. I haven't been satisfied yet with the "The"s I've tried with varying line weights, and now I'm wondering if simple is best for this logo. Should "The" be smaller?


I decided to vectorize a few of these to see which was working best since I'll probably use a similar typeface regardless of the final composition. In the last version I played with a couple serif styles too - these need some work but I didn't want to do too much if I was going to ditch them! Still working on adding different line weights to "The." I've been looking at them for too long now and kind of like them all equally - help!! 



Hello, classmates! 

I'm working on a logo for an improv group in Hawaii and I'm still tossing around ideas about what to include. They really want the ",D" in there somehow (Comma - D - get it?), but to me it just looks confusing. So I'm trying to sneak it in as a less prominent little icon. We'll see how that goes. 

Logos are NOT my strong suit, so I'd really like to beef up my skills in this class. 

Is anyone drawn to any of these rough sketches in particular?


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