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Arlyn Ramos

Typophile, letterer, and brand identity designer



"Aloha in a Box" – Care Packages from Hawaii

Updated June 11: Sketches

Here are some sketches for the "Aloha in a Box" title.  

The style i need to convey is something that really represents the locals. I think the typography should reflect a sense of looseness and freeness.

Option A: The thickness of the type here I think gives it good body, and the curve of the baseline helps it feel more freeflowing.

Option B: This treatment is a hybrid of serif and script type. The type can be stacked like this, or set on one line. So in that sense it's flexible. I used the shape of the iconic Waikiki landmark, Diamond Head, to containt the words "in a". I personally like the whimsical quality of this one, but i don't know if it's too delicate.

Option C & D: Two other similar explorations with a thick script.

Option E: Shaping serif type...


Contents - The goodies inside the care package will include things like:

- CD of local music

- sweets, food items, local ingredients

- Hawaii paraphernalia—some really kitschy stuff, just because :)  

- card signed by your loved ones or handwritten letters

Local style verbage - The verbage should remind someone of a really really local person's speech. Heavy "Pidgin" (Hawaiian Creole English). 

Application - I envision the final label being screenprinted in white and yellow over a kraft paper box. I think that a gritty print on brown paper is reminiscent of the sandy beaches. 

Different Box Sizes - The "Aloha in a Box' will come in different sizes, labeled "Manini Sized" (small), "Reg'lah Sized" (regular), and "Big Bambucha Sized" (Huge)

Additional Label/Packaging Elements - The labeling on and in the box will include things like a list of contents, and lots of illustrations and local phrases.


June 9: Moodboard

Project background:

Let me give you a little background. I live in Hawaii, and I have lots of friends who have moved away from this paradise—for school, family, or other reasons.  If there's anything these friends have in common, they still keep Hawaii in their hearts, and from time to time they get homesick. For those times, I thought it would nice to send a care package filled with goodies from Hawaii—a little dose of Aloha spirit.


Type: I'm thinking a script would be great for the title, something very curvy and free-flowing.

Color: Summery colors inspired by the surf, sand, and sun.

Feel: Authentically local, but with a hint of vintage —kind of like handpainted signs at shops you might see in historic Haleiwa town.


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