Almuerzo Special

4th pass with some texture. Not sure if I totally like the intensity of it in some areas. None the less it's very fun to see it progress from line work to this stage.


This is the 3rd pass with color. 


Here is my second pass at the illustration. I rotated it to a horizontally wider placement and hope to start adding color and texture in my next phases.


I have to thank Mikey Burton for this skillshare class. I was very inspired by the teachers style. I tried to keep everything minimal and with the same stroke width all around. The project them is Mexican Food. Tacos, Burritos, Nachos to me are a very American thing to eat at lunch. I think I can eat Tacos 7 days a week. lol.  I had fun creating this and creating the shapes in vector helped me simplify the shapes. 



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